Add Soft Selection to Rhino 7?

HI all
Adding this command would be very effective, of course, such as softmove and cage edite, but this is a soft selection command with manually adjustable mesh and subd object settings.
Very effective this recipe !!!


yes it cannot work in subd too

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Hi @mehran09197306634me
Softmove? Works on sub-d as well.

Yes, I mentioned it in the post above, but it’s not about soft selection

Ah, sorry @mehran09197306634me - didn’t notice your write-up. I get that soft selection would be much more versatile - especially if it could be used with the other transforms as well (rotate, scale).

Yes it is varied but if added it will be very effective>>>
Soft selection has more control than softmove!!!

I’ve been trying to get proportional editing into Rhino for a long time. This is the most recent internal request RH-41768 and I’ll add this thread to it as a further vote.

I can’t say when or if it would ever get done but there is a hidden work around now…
ExtractControlPolygon > TestSoftMeshTransform > ToSubd > repeat