Add Soft Selection to Rhino 7?

HI all
Adding this command would be very effective, of course, such as softmove and cage edite, but this is a soft selection command with manually adjustable mesh and subd object settings.
Very effective this recipe !!!


yes it cannot work in subd too

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Hi @mehran09197306634me
Softmove? Works on sub-d as well.

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Yes, I mentioned it in the post above, but it’s not about soft selection

Ah, sorry @mehran09197306634me - didn’t notice your write-up. I get that soft selection would be much more versatile - especially if it could be used with the other transforms as well (rotate, scale).

Yes it is varied but if added it will be very effective>>>
Soft selection has more control than softmove!!!

I’ve been trying to get proportional editing into Rhino for a long time. This is the most recent internal request RH-41768 and I’ll add this thread to it as a further vote.

I can’t say when or if it would ever get done but there is a hidden work around now…
ExtractControlPolygon > TestSoftMeshTransform > ToSubd > repeat



I’m a beginner with Rhino, so I might be missing something, but it seems to me that the current implementation of soft-editing ignores the view aligned drag mode, which kinda defeats the purpose of it for me…

I hope I’m wrong, but any improvement in this area (like an actual preview) would be very nice to see.

EDIT: Btw, I’m using Soft Edit Surface, and not Soft Move, because Soft Move seems very restrictive… (but apparently a lot easier to use, which seems to fit the extreme inconsistencies between similar tools that Rhino apparently suffers from).

Are you using the Rhino 7 WIP and editing SubD surfaces or on Rhino 6 and editing NURBS surfaces? This post was about the former and the latest WIP now has a command called SoftTransform that is a state you can enable for proportionally editing SubD control points and sub-object selections… it works on meshes too.

The SoftMove command works on anything and the SoftEditSrf command will work on NURBS surfaces. If that’s what you’re using but can’t control it as you want, post an example in a new forum topic to help explain. You might need to make a custom Cplane to define the To point using Ctrl + click. Another option, and maybe a wrong guess without seeing a file, would be to use Cage and CageEdit to locally deform an object.


Thanks for this information. It useful. You can also check your rhino bonds status easily with the help of math website if any.

Yes, sorry, I’m on Rhino 6 with NURBS. Unless I haven’t figured out the workflow, neither SoftMove nor SoftEditSrf works with MoveUVN.

Also, overall, both SoftMove and SoftEditSrf seems terribly unintuive and convoluted to me, while SoftEditCrv is super easy to use and works well (it’s just yet another in the seemingly endless lines of similarly named Rhino tools, yet terribly inconsistent options and behaviors).

Hi @BrianJ
FIY, on my system, enabling SoftTransform “disables” commands like ProjectToCplane and SetPtfor Sub-D surfaces - it seems OK for meshes. For SetPt the preview looks right, but the surface “jumps back” to its original position, when the command is executed.

Thanks, I filed the SetPt issue as and the ProjectToCplane one as . Projecting SubD sub-object edges and verts works but I do see an issue when trying to project the ctrl pts.

SoftTransform is very useful, thanks for this command! (Wish: SoftTransform for Nurbs)
But it does not work as expected when UVN dragmode is on and the Gumball is aligned to object.
Then the points are all moved in the same direction, instead of in the direction of there individual normals.
With SoftTransform enabled or disabled, this unexpected behaviour also occurs when dragging subD edges or faces, they all move together in the direction of the normal of the first selected object.


I added your vote to the filed request for that… RH-7924 for future reference.

DragMode on SubD can only work on one point at a time according to the developer… I think this is what you’re running into. There are also open issues though to add ‘per face’ control when using Extrude and other requests for more tools to edit sub-objects along their own normal… RH-51143, I added your comments there too.

One thing that may help now though is the use of the Normal move in MoveUVN when selecting SubD ctrl pts.