Wish: UVN dragmode and SoftTransform

SoftTransform is a great tool,unfortunately when Softtransform is enabled, UVN dragmode does not behave as expected. It would be a great help when UVNdragmode works with softransform too.

I think this is a limitation of SubD not having UV directions. It does work with one SubD control or edit point selected though.

Thanks for your fast reply.
It does work on multiple controlpoints in Tsplines when there are no starpoints nearby.

Okay, I think you might mean the UVN mode the TS gumball had.

Post a model to show how you want to edit the SubD if you can. We may be able to do the edit another way now.

Here is an example of how I would like to edit a SubD. I would like to go from the cyan object to the blue in one go, by selecting one row of points and dragging them in the direction of the normal, with SoftTransform enabled.

Example UVN dragmode softTransform.3dm (1.7 MB)

Thanks for the file and explanation, this helps. I filed a request for MoveUVN to support SoftTransform if possible. The developer will need to look at it to see if it’s possible. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-56770

We have a few other feature requests on file too that relate to this like RH-53123 for future reference.

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I just tested Softtransform with UVN dragging enabled in the direction of the normal, and now it works as I wished!
Thanks a lot!
Erik Hondebrink

Hi Podo,

I’m glad I found this. All we now need is for the UVN sliders to work on SubD Vertices rather than just SubD Control Points, since this limits the ability to easily select.

All we need is a toggle for SubD Control Point to SubD Vertex. Given that a SubD Control Point shares the position of the SubD box point, it really can’t be much of a stretch for this to be scripted as a workaround.

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Hi Podo


I recommend the above.

Happy rhinoing~ :thinking:

Hi Jonathan,
I do not understand exactly what you mean. I can work with the UV slider on SubD editpoints and controlpoints, as well in smooth mode as in box mode.
Also soft transform works as expected in UV dragging mode and with the UVsliders.
Am I missing something here?

I don’t see uvn sliders working yet with subd vertices (or faces/edges). UVN drag mode, yes though. So hopefully sliders working in all conditions is not far away.

Here the sliders work with edit- and controlpoints,but not with faces or edges.
In UVN dragmode faces and edges can be moved in the normal direction.But that should be possible with sliders too. Bug?

Precisely. I asked for it some time ago, it looks like it’s close though. I often use Gumball: align to view for fragging stuff out, so to do ‘N’ transformation I have to align back to cplane, use my uvn hotkey, drag out, turn uvn off, and then back to gumball: align to view. Where the slider would mean I can leave my gumball as it is.

The direction of travel is nice at least :slight_smile: