Add ridge to surface maintaining uv / creating surface by edges without loft

Hi, I’ve got trouble adding a ridge to a surface without changing its UV. I have no idea how to create such surfaces and still have a satisfying UV direction. (and if possible, in grasshopper, so I can control the curve of the ridge) Thanks a lot if anyone can help…

uv.3dm (93.3 KB)

For example, to get a surface of the green UV by the two red curves.

The ‘U Count’ slider (blue group) will increase the resolution and minimize the surface rumples at the expense of slower performance. (22.5 KB)

Geometry is internalized, no need for Rhino file.

thank you for the solution! However I need the surface ridge to be an edge, which means it can’t be one trimed surface but two.

maybe the question can be explained this way: How to use red-blue and red-green curves to create the tow surfaces(with simple UV as shown) which intersect at the red curve?

crvs.3dm (57.5 KB)