Straighten or shrink UV

Is there any tool or plugin that converts two surfaces like the ones in figure?

convert uv.3dm (981.7 KB)

I also attach the rhino file as example

Basically I need to shrink the UVs to the edges or enlarge the UVs up to a surfaces with as straight as possible isocurves (planar U isocurves parallel to C plane and or planar V isocurves perpendicular to C plane) isocurves isocurves without losing the overal shape of the surface within a certain tolerance.

Or if there is no tool that does that automatically are you at least aware of a reliable method that I can apply to achieve thus result with an almost perfect match between the two surfaces?

Hello - not to convert, exactly but given those edge curves, you could use say NetworkSrf or Patch to get the two different structures. You’ll need some more interior curves to get that shape though.
In fact, Patch does not on its own, do a good thing here - it would need a starting surface. So, I think the overall answer is basically No, but you might be able to trick Rhino in certain cases.


Patch may be useful than @Pascal suggested above but will require some work.

DupBorder the border of the original surface.

ExtractPt to create points on the original surface.

Create a starting surface with the desired UV arrangement. The only critical part of the starting surface is where the edges of the original surface will be at the untrimmed edges of the finished surface. In those areas the starting surface edges need to be as close to the edges of the original surface as needed in the final result. Elsewhere it is not important that the starting surface be close to the original surface.

Patch command using the duplicated border curve and points from the original surface, the starting surface created above (Select Starting Surface option), the Preserve Edges and the Auto Trim options.

Some iteration of the starting surface shape and number of points in each direction may be needed. Use InsertKnot to add points to the starting surface without changing it’s shape.

Patch Use DC10.3dm (194.8 KB)