Add Revisions to Sheet/s ... like Dynamo

Hello all,
I am trying to achieve the same result with RIR as I did with Dynamo (archi-lab package).
Unfortunately RIR script overwrites existing revisions and sets only the last one (which is needed for next delivery).
I have tried all error methods and exchanged notes without success…
Any idea what I am doing wrong?


So your workflow should be something like below image, where you need to get the existing revision on the sheet and then append to that list the revision you need to add (so you will be providing a full list of revisions for each sheet not just the latest).

I remember I had the component in the below GH file prepared were it internally appends the input revision to the existing revisions, it was working for my use case and haven’t tested it much so maybe you can try it out as well.

@Japhy maybe we can get an input Boolean to append or overwrite existing revisions? (4.4 KB)

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Hello Mohamed,
unfortunately only works with one drawing. But I have over 100 drawings that already exist with different P01 - P05 revisions. And I am “desperate” to add a bit of continuous revision with Insert Items to each drawing.
But thanks anyway for your help!

Hi , I have tried with multiple sheets and it’s working ok, you just need to manage your data trees as such…each sheet in single branch(list) and it’s respective revisions in a respective branch/list as shown below

I agree, this and the Add View Filters to View would be another good spot to have an option to merge.

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Since the component replaces it can be used to add or remove depending on your needs. (38.3 KB)

The first group of components allows you to create new revisions.
The second one to manage them (add/remove) on certain sheets.
The third one allows you to delete those that are not listed on any sheet.


Thank you all so much for your support!!!