How can we duplicate sheets in Revit using RIR

Hi all,
I wonder if we can duplicate sheets with sheet detailing using RIR?
In Revit we can duplicate sheet one by one manually. But if when you have a lot of sheets you want to duplicate( all the sheets have the same title lines), how can we duplicate a few sheets in one go?
Thanks for any suggestion

Just use pyrevit. Its better for stuff like this I think.

Hi Arcade, thanks for your reply. I am not familiar with pyrevit… so it can do something RIR cannot? Is it easy to learn?

Pyrevit is one if not the most downloaded and used Revit Addin. The developer Ehsan created this out of pure kindness, he now works on the ScriptEditor in Rhino.

It is extremely well documented and primary supported by community member now.

Thanks Arcade, Japhy, it opens a new world to me! I hope the learning curve is not too steep :grinning: