Placing views in sheet(Revit) with G.H

Hello World !!
I’ve looking for ways to place multiple views in multiple sheets. I came across Python scripts, which is pro for me and i couldn’t configure it. Kindly, help me achieving the same.

Welcome Lesley, This is possible with standard Rhino.Inside.Revit components.

Here’s and example of creating 20 drafting views of 10 ‘Parts’ comprised of A & B that were placed on their respective sheets.

Note that this was done with the imperial units arch template and you’ll probably need to set the Titleblock.

Create and Add Views To (14.1 KB)


Hello Japhy,

Looks very interesting !! Thank you for the support and lemme try this script.

Thank you, Japhy and World !!

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Hi Japhy, based on your definition, I try to put some predefined views onto sheets. But I just have a minor step cannot figure out – how can I convert viewID to views and feed them to the Add Viewport component?
Many thanks

Automate Dropping Views to (34.5 KB)

I figure out what’s wrong it is – I forgot to duplicate those views. One view cannot put onto 2 different sheets, my bad. It works now.
I just wonder which component can duplicate view with details (not duplicate dependant…)
Thanks you in advance.