Add connection curve between horizontal curve

Hi all,
i have a set of curves (horizontal and vertical in black) and i would like to connect them as showed in the picture (with the blue curve). There is some command that do it automatically in grasshopper ?

Shapes could be whatever, not just square or round objects

thank you


could Join curves work for you?

You can then maybe use Elefront to select the curves from the layers in Rhino, rather than select them manually.

Hi, thank you for your reply, but I would like to create the blue curves with grasshopper using the black curves.
In the picture i attached, I drew the blu line by myself in Rhino to show what i needed.

Connect Curves with ‘G’ input set to ‘Position’ (using right-click). But this requires alternate curves to be flipped first so their end / start points are near each other.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

No. Most things in grasshopper require explicit instructions. (16.4 KB)

You can use my plugin Nautilus to fill a shape with parallel lines in a continuous curve.

Thank you! I add to modified a little bit your code but it worked!

Thanks to everyone