Join Offset Curves?

How Can these offset curves be split by an object then Joined to make one continuous curve?

Test Contour.3dm (90.9 KB)

Hello- I’d need some idea what that means in this case - how should the curves be joined?


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I see - well there is no tool for that in plain Rhino - - you’d need a script or GH solution.


Yes, I wasn’t clear, that’s what I’m looking for.

Hi @MJD,

You can do this quickly in Rhino:

  1. Select all the hoops and _split with the cutting object.
  2. Select all the sections that lie within the cutting object and use _shear to move one end down from one hoop to the next.
  3. Select all curves and _join.


Probably want to get the list of the start and end points, shift the list up or down one and connect the start to the end. That’s assuming the curves are stacked in order, if not you will have to sort them by something like Z-height first.

Thank you @jeremy5, I Understand how to do it in Rhino, looking to Automate it with Grasshopper.

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This is just a quick sketch, you will need to deal with the last connection which is superfluous for example.

you can also take advantage of the awesome Relative Item component: (14.9 KB)

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Try Connect curves


Ah, that’s a new one on me… Cool. Looks like the list of curves has to be in the right order and they get connected from end to start in order.