Connect Curves in Rhino common similar to the grasshopper node

In Grasshopper is a node called Connect Curves (Picture) is in rhino common a similar command?

Any help is welcome.
Thanks in adcanced

to connect curves i use in the end blend curve in a recursive function and join blend curves and blended curves together like this.All curves are already sorted with the shortest distance to each other.

    # create blend curves between the BrepEdge gaps 
    ta = rh.Geometry.BlendContinuity.Position
    n = 0
    def CON(n):
        if len(CU) == len(L)-1:
            return False
        return CON(n+1)
    # combine BrepEdge list with BlendEdge list and join all Edges
    CC = CU+L
    CJ = rh.Geometry.BrepEdge.JoinCurves(CC)

Hi @flokart,

The Connect Curves component uses both Curve.CreateBlendCurve and Curve.JoinCurves.

– Dale

Thanks dale for the info.