Shared Coordinates - Error Project Location

This is quite complex but I will try to document the whole process…
I am struggling a bit with the link model and use of shared coordinates.
I linked the Architect model and used Shared Coordintas when setting up my model. I my model I defined the scope box.
Unfortunately, they do not match when pulling to Rhino → so I want to transform my scope box, to be able to filter element by scopebox.

Here we can see scopebox and linked model. *Of course this is correct in Revit.

I tried to Query Project location from linked model but got this error:

  1. Why I do have two shared Sites in Query Shared Sites component - what is the difference?
  2. seems I have some valid data in Shared Site… do I need to query one from a linked model or from my active document?


so I checked in my Revit to display site data and Report Shared Coordinates from Linked Model and this is what we have. * you can see my scopebox in green

image image

I checked in Revit if I have the same coordinate system

How should I query linked elements to have them in the same location as scopebox in my model or do I miss some step?

To get your ‘Project Location’ you can do something like this.

You may found those other posts useful.

I need to revisit all of this.
Looks like a lot of the issues have been addressed.