Aces color space for Rhino cycles at some point?

I’ve been trying to up my game using Vray and came upon these workflows that I had no idea of but ran into when compositing. I had to composite fire and could not figure out why it was so dull and crappy looking. I thought it was a bug with Vray turns out it’s a linear color workflow problem.

This lead me to this whole new “aces” color space. I guess blender cycles has it (Rhino Vray maybe has it, Max Vray has it) and I don’t know yet how important it is for Rhino but I was wondering if this will make it into Rhino cycles at some point?

That is going to be tricky. as Rhino has no concept of color spaces nor color correction anywhere other than linear vs non-linear and gamma correction, and tonemapping in post-effects.

Hi @nathanletwory
Ok I thought that might be the case, just checking since Blender Cycles has it. For me it’s more useful when compositing things in after FX, so I don’t know if it matters that much for Rhino currently.
Thanks for your reply and information,

Blender Cycles has it because Blender in general has good color management integrated through OpenColorIO.