Please help me - how to RhinoWIP license key

Every time I need to log into the RhinoWIP with my email and a WIP license key I stumble :frowning:

I have a current Rhino 5 for Mac commercial license and have RhinoWIP installed parallel but rarely use it for anything but from time to time test it’s new features.

I haven’t launched it in a while and thought I update to the latest build today and … tadaaaa … I cannot for the life of me figure out how to enter what license key !@#$%^

Could someone please remind me again where I find the correct license key?

EDIT: so I just learned that Rhino for Mac went into a full build and is available for upgrade and purchase now - is that correct?

I would assume the RhinoWIP is therefore discontinued?

Can I still upgrade to the last WIP build or try a “demo” of the new v6 to see if I should upgrade?

I read on the Buy Now page that Rhino 6 for Windows and Mac is sold as a single license.
Can I install Rhino 6 for Win and Mac on my work machine and use both versions with the same license (single user, single machine, Windows runs in a Parallels VM)?

I just read this on the Buy Now page:
"Not supported :

  • Virtualization systems on macOS such as VMWare and Parallels"

I do not run Windows natively on any system here, so I cannot use Rhino for Windows at all or is this just a legal phrase to prevent service requests should a customer have to use a VM?

Is Rhino for Windows still much richer in functionality or has this been mitigated with Rhino 6 and Mac + Win versions are now on par?

It seems I am quite out of the loop :wink:

Hi - You can get a 90-day evaluation license if you haven’t already done so in the past for Rhino 6 for Windows.

It’s not just a legal phrase. You will most likely run into things that do not work correctly.

They are basically on-par now. For a list of Rhino 6 for Windows commands that are not in Rhino 6 for Mac, see this wiki page.

Thanks for the answers Wim :wink:

How does the license work?
Can I install both Rhino6 for Win and Mac and use both on the same license key?

I am curious about this as I want to see what FEA solutions are possible with Rhino but it seems that any available are exclusively running on Rhino for Windows :frowning:

Yes. Use the Cloud Zoo to access your one license from your Win and Mac installations.

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