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A man’s high heel shoe sole I designed with t-splines, imported to WIP.
The quad remesh command worked very well on this object… as expected… well done!

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Can you make QuadRemesh command accessible for developers, i.e. be able to call it through the API with my parameters or through the scripting _QuadRemesh

@kostadin I added everything for QuadRemeshing version 7s RhinoCommon api already. You can find everything you need on the Mesh class. There are several overloads available.


You can find an example gh script attached the topic located here. New QuadRemesh command!

C++ SDK is still on the todo list and will be available in the future.

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Thank you for the responce. Awesome news. Looking for to see it when it is available in the SDK.


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A thin! I should have put my post here:


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Hello Travis, when do you think this function will be available in the C++SDK? Just good to know.

Hi @kostadin you can follow the requests progress here, and i’ll drop @stevebaer on this one for more info.


@trav do we have a scripted form of the QuadRemesh command?

_QuadRemesh is the English form where -QuadRemesh is the scripted form. I just want to make sure a scripted form is available before recommending that approach.

@stevebaer yes there’s currently a command line version available. Some of this post was double posted. He may have found the - from an answer in another post.

@kostadin does the scripted version of QuadRemesh solve your current needs from a C++ plug-in?

It is work around, but not exactly. The best is as described to be through SDK. The reason is that I may have my own mesh in the plugin. To use the script I have to create the mesh in rhino select it generate quad mesh, delete my created mesh, then identify the quad mesh in the scene, then access it. All this works in the UI. The interface proposed for the SDK is the best way.