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Hi is there a way to export the x,y,z coordinate of this “quadremesh” with a panel defination. for example a square panel with length 12m height 12m the export will be "*n1 -12 0, *n2 12 0, *n3 12 12, *n4 0 12, PANEL *n1,*n2,*n3,*n4… would be great if rhino can export this type of command from quad remesh file. Thanks

What would you do with the file? There are various ways to panelized shaped.

the file will be used for analysis mesh.dat file. if rhino can export such data it would be help me to define my mesh model in other analysis software. I have tried to export my quad mesh to .dat from rhino but only the x,y,z data are exported.

Will this work?

Or this?