Remesh plane surface


Thanks to QuadRemesh and FlexHopper, I experienced creating textiles with Rhino. My procedure is the same as with Clo3d, creation of the pattern, implementation of the parts then simulation.

Thanks already! QuadRemesh is great and I see many uses.

There are however a few points

  • It took me a long, long time to find the right guide curves. mainly for parts with holes or with pointed edges inward.
    Launch the command, test the preview, close the command, modify a curve of a few millimeters, restart the command, see that it is still not good. and so on for almost an hour (yes i discover the command)

    the cyan curves are the holes, and the red curves the guides

    I would have liked to be able to create and modify the curves without having to close/open the cmmand and see the preview immediately.

  • For the result to be correct, I had to set “The target edge length” to half the height of the holes

    In the case of the simulation, the mesh was unnecessarily too dense. I would have liked to have an option or an external command allowing me to subdivide the result obtained (like the Blender subdivide modifier)

  • And there is only one detail that I have failed to resolve. there is usually only one poorly obtained angle on each flat surface.

Of these three points, only the first really bothered me.



Your third point looks like a practical example of this:

I’ll bet that even though it doesn’t “really bother you” you wouldn’t mind if it was fixed so you wouldn’t need to find all the occurrences and fix them every time you used quadremesh on a job?

Probably yes, especially since there is no warning.
I saw it during the simulation after having meshed all the patterns.

In case you need more control on topology and where the singularities are, Evolute tools would be another option for remeshing. Actually even Kangaroo. Both workflows require a coarse base mesh to define the topology.