What is QuadMesh for?

What is it doing?

Hello, please try the newest version of this command QuadRemesh from todays Rhino 7.0 WIP. This new command will be replacing the command you are currently using.


For basic users, and what is Quadmesh for?
Or simply speaking, what advantages does it have over before it didn’t exist?
Thanks for the clarification pls

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and there you have a “quadMesh” but destroyed…with 2 windows holes.
So…what is important there ?

Hi - I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. Do you have a specific example?

I was just watching the video above from Pokazy !.–and results–.so…
Can’t you see her question? and … Difficult to understand my comment?
Let’s go !
Just trying to understand quadmesh new command.
I’m not boxing.

Hi -

Perhaps I didn’t interpret that question the way you did. Did you see and understand the reply to that question that Travis posted?


Quadremesh is the link between meshes/scans <> sudb <> NURBS geometry. You can can convert back and forth. Quad meshes can be:

  • Converted to SubD objects (which can be converted to NURBS)
  • Used in rendering and animation products
  • Used for CFD and FEA analysis
  • For finding principle curvature of forms
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