Create hatch from grasshopper

Hi everyone,
I’m struggling to creat hatch by using human plugin.
‘Create hatch’ doesn’t work…

Does anyone know how to create hatch from grasshopper without plugin such as human?
If there is method to use C# or Python, please tell me.


It might be a plugin compatibility problem with R6 WIP…
In R5 “Create Hatch” works just fine.

I vaguely remember that the hatch has to be in the document hatch table. maybe try manually making a test hatch directly in rhino, (using the hatch pattern that you are trying to use in GH), save the rhino document, and try the HUMAN GH approach again.

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if (bake)
  for (int i = 0; i < crvs.Count; i++)
    RhinoDocument.Objects.AddHatch(Hatch.Create(crvs[i], pattern, rotation, scale)[0]);

Dear HS_kim
Thank you for your answer!

Wow, you are correct! it works in Rhino5…

I hope it can be in 6…

Dear chanley,
Thank you for answering me!

I tested way you suggested, and it works well!
I’m very happy to do this.


Dear TomTom,
Thank you for your answer!

Your code is very useful!
Do you know how to change attribute color such as ‘object color’ in Rhino object property?


in rhino6 or rhino7, Create Hatch can bake, but can not display. I hope it can be fixed.