Human for Rhino 7

I am looking for the plug-in Human for Rhino 7. I cant find it on sites like Food4Rhino and others like that.

Pretty sure the v6 is the last released version, I haven’t had any issues running it in v7 - have you tried installing it? Did you make sure to “unblock” the file?

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It is there, it works for me on R7.

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In V8, I can only see the Treefrog components.
Is Human incompatible with V8 ?

Mine is still working and present in R8 but I haven’t TreeFrog

it is installed in
and not in new directory

it is from November 2018

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Human works just fine in Rhino 8. Installed it via PackageManager.

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Yep. It works, thanks.
The management of those GH plugins between versions of Rhino is a bit messy, don’t you think ?