Ability to edit array count afterward

Is there an ability to edit the number of arrayed items? For instance, if I set array linear, how could I later edit the count from 5 to 7? Is there another command to accomplish this? For context I have used blend curve and box edit function, bu really want to be able to adjust the number of arrayed items. Thank you! Maybe just use GH?

If you have Preview set to Yes, Array and ArrayPolar allow you to adjust the array numbers before setting the result. ArrayLinear does not (yet). Well it does, sorta - just not the same way as the other two work. You choose the object(s), set an initial number, then if you set the first point and start dragging to create the distance/direction, you can still change the number before you set the second point. Once you set the second point the command ends. However, more convenient would be that if Preview is set to Yes, you could fix the two points to set the distance/direction first then play with the number and Enter to accept - like Array and ArrayPolar now work.