My first work with subD

Early, I didn’t know how to work with subD. In fact, I always worked with Nurbs in Rhino and had never worked with subD or even Mesh before.

After searching the internet a lot, I found a website that trained how to create a Delphine with subD. I followed the instruction step by step and succeeded to make the Delphine shape, but not similar to the Delphine shape on the website. I only learned the relative commands in subD but made the Delphine based on my experience seeing this beautiful and intelligent fish in the various pictures and videos.

The Delphine on the website had a straight pose of the body, but I bent its body and gave a curvature shape on its back; when it appears swimming on the surface of seas.

Of course, all the commands and techniques of subD were not in the instruction, and I learned the other commands and techniques myself later, gradually.


Nice work. :slight_smile:

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Cute dolphin~

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can you post a shot of your wireframe? I’m curious what your topology look like.

With pleasure, sir :slight_smile:


well done… nice control on your face count- lower always is better when you have the choice!