A quick way to toggle Selection Filter

It is easy if we have selected curve and then do command Selection-filter either by hotkey/alias then it should automatically check only curves as selection filter, same applies to other like ctrl pt, surface etc. the current method should work as it is.

Also there should be a toggle to flip the geometry when flowing along surface as sometimes the base surface is behind our geometry and not possible to click on its front surface.

Is there any other wishlist-type platform where we can dump our quick suggestions so either the rhino users could approve it or the developers can pick when they get free time. as many ideas come to our mind and sometimes those maybe our own lack of knowledge or maybe a good suggestion.

Hello- one way out for now is to flow with history on and then do your flipping after the command ends.
However, I completely agree if your general suggestion is to provide a more interactive UI on FlowAlongSrf…


Also i find it inconsistent that when we extrude the curve using both sides and type the distance like 3 meter then rhino add 3 meter on left and 3 meter on right equals 6 meter which we don’t want so if we use distance while using extrude it should extrude half distance on left side and half on right side but if we use viewport click then it is okay to extrude the way it is doing now. i am also aware that i can use like 3/2 to make it half but default behavior should be absolute value and for doubling the amount we can use 3*2.

Actually i used multiple 3d tools as a hobby and find some useful things to share for subd modelling.

  1. Grow/shrink selection: Function to grow selection by continue holding Ctrl+Shift and scroll wheel up to grow selection and scroll wheel down to shrink. i used in blender and saves a lot of time as subd geometry easily cross faces in couple of clicks.
  2. moving faces along the normal to inflate/deflate the volume (along with soft selection it can be useful).
  3. Extrude the faces in their individual normals just extrudesrf do.

Yes there is.
SelectionFilter command like all commands can be used in macro.
A command like this with a dialogue needs to be written on the commandline starting with a dash like this:


If you type or paste that into the command line, you will see all the text based options you have for setting the selection filter. That allows you to write a macro that sets the selection filter to whatever you want. The selection filter has a lot of options so creating a macro that gives you exactly what you want may take some work, but once you have what you want you will be able to quickly do what you requested. All you have to do is assign the macro to an alias or a button and then typing that alias or poking that button will quickly switch to one selection type to another whenever you want.

Rhino Help has information on creating macros if you are new to it.

Well, good luck with that request…
I agree with you100%, but changing anything as simple as that would probably cause a shit storm of negative feedback from both developers and some vocal users so I would suggest just get used to typing 3/2 instead of 3.

I used the aliases below for sub-objects (but you can create more if you want)

VV = '_SelectionFilterVertices
EE = '_SelectionFilterEdges
FF = '_SelectionFilterFaces
NN = '_SelectionFilterNone

You can use this Macro as an alias for selecting curves only
_-SelectionFilter E N C -EnterEnd

and use this macro to disable any filters
_-SelectionFilter e Y -EnterEnd

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Being able to use “/” as a command line divisor symbol in Rhino is a fortunate side effect of the need to enter fractional imperial units. It wasn’t intended to provide a division function for other purposes, but it does. We, The User, got lucky. Unfortunately, there’s no requirement for “*” as part of imperial unit notation, so that ability wasn’t inbuilt.

I agree though, it would be very useful to have the full BODMAS capability on the command line. That’s a request that’s been made a few times over the years.

Yes, it is… along with addition, subtraction plus a host of other operators.

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Hi Mitch. Thanks for pointing this out. It didn’t work in V5 and I never bothered to try it out in V7 - just assumed it wouldn’t have been changed.

My New Learning for the day…