Can i turn on/off certain set of selection filter via command line?

I would like to predefine few selection sets which works for me via selection filer and turn on/off sub-object via hotkey

For eg.
ctrl + ~ = sub-object on/off
ctrl + 1 = points lines and blocks
ctrl + 2 = surfaces and controlpoints

i know i could use macro but it seems that selection filter isn’t “scriptable” or i dont know how to write it down for filter.

If it isnt is there any way to achieve this ? Or maybe could this command be expanded to that kind of use ?

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Use the -dash version of the command to get all the options for a macro…

Command: -SelectionFilter
( ShowDialog=No  SetAll  Curves=Yes  Surfaces=Yes  Polysurfaces=Yes  Meshes=Yes  Annotations=Yes  Lights=Yes  Blocks=Yes  Points=Yes  ControlPoints=Yes  PointClouds=Yes  Hatches=Yes  Others=Yes  DisableFilter=No  Subobjects=No )


I know subdivide is only a test command but it would be very nice if it could have history :slight_smile:

Running subdivide on base mesh with history would behave like having subdivision modifier on :slight_smile: base mesh could be viewed as wireframe and subdivided one with ghosted mode i feel i will work in v6 a lot with meshes and subd :slight_smile: