Selection Filter Preset?

Hello People,

I would like to have a shortcut that quickly toggles a SelectionFilter to Curves only, but when i modify the Filter and restart Rhino, the Filter is reset. Is it possible to either write a Macro or script a command, that allows me to modify the Filter?
If so, I would also make another one for SubObjects only. So im looking for a general Filter preset.
I hope I didnt miss any obvious ways to do so.


You can define aliases in the options to toggle specific filters

I have CC curves
EE edges
FF Faces
VV vertices

I see, but how do i specify those Filters?

Use the below in the aliases
'_ SelectionFilter _ Curves

More details about the commands.

Yes, I tried that, but the addition of “_ Curves” at the end doesnt change a thing

Nevermind, i found the solution, its this macro that works for me:

'-SelectionFilter ShowDialog=Yes Curves=Yes Surfaces=No Polysurfaces=No SubDs=No Meshes=No Annotations=No Lights=No Blocks=No Points=No ControlPoints=No PointClouds=No Hatches=No Others=No DisableFilter=No Enter

Thanks anyway!

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