Selection Intersection like in Adobe Illustrator CTRL+ALT+ Drag?

Want to select all curves in scene and select only those around the lamp. is there a nifty cheat tip?

Hi Hannes - Ctrl-select deselects. You could also use the curve filter and window around some curves- Invert will select the opposite - if the curve filter is on, only curves will be involved.

Not sure if any of that helps…


Pascal was faster…
One possible way: Type SelectionFilter, inside the panel coming up right click the curves checkbox and drag a selection rectangle around the lamp.

Hey @pascal & @hifred thanks for the filters command. Never seen it before! So handy!

WOuld be handy intersect selection like in Illustrator or PS with (was different) SHIFT+ALT+Drag since Rhino has the pretty decent combos for selection

Is there a way to toggle disable/enable like OSnap via Shortcut/Alias? Can’t find the command

-SelectionFilter (‘dash’ in front of the command… many options to set),

Also -

Right click on any one box and all others get turned off.
Right click again and the previous state is restored
Right click twice on Disable to set all filters on.


Holding Alt when in command toggles OSnap.

Lasso selection is very useful too (it has window and cross option).