How to Select Only Curve but just one?


When selecting curve, there’s the selcrv, but that selects all the curves.
Is there a good way of selecting a single curve which is behind other objects?
(In Shaded mode mainly, and maybe for others objects as well like surfaces, polysurf, solids.)

Just filtering out everything else except the object type you like to select.

For example, making a curve then make a pipe with history, select the curve so then to move
the control points of the curve to change the shape of the pipe.

Ah… found something on it… SelectionFilter command…

Though I wish this command was one time only.

something like
_SelectionFilter curve

i was wondering about this selection filter, is that only in V6? if its a permanent toggle you could make a macro which lets you select whatever you want and which will then switch it off again.

It’s in Windows Rhino V5, but not in Mac Rhino V5. Looks like it’s slated for V6. If you are actually in a command, in V5 you can type “crv” to limit the selection to curves without the selection filter, but this doesn’t work outside of a command.


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cool trick, but crv did not work on mac, pt worked therefor. for curves it seems to need curve without burping up an unknown command, again inconsistency chee… the select command on mac has also no value box so i cant filter it there at all. i am longing for that selection filter in that case.

Is there a place where I can find macro command for unchecking/checking then selecting a crv?

The thing is, the SelectionFilter is designed only to work when it’s being shown on-screen.

A macro like this will work for limiting the selection to curves only:

-_SelectionFilter _ShowDialog=_Yes _Curves=_Yes _Surfaces=_No _Polysurfaces=_No _Meshes=_No _Annotations=_No _Lights=_No _Blocks=_No _Points=_No _ControlPoints=_No _PointClouds=_No _Hatches=_No _Others=_No _DisableFilter=_No _Enter

It will also show the dialog on-screen. If ShowDialog is set to No, the dialog is not shown, but the filter is not enabled either… So you can’t really have a completely transparent macro. This is probably a good thing, as you may not remember what you set. You will also likely need another macro to set it back to letting you select everything, as well as macros to isolate other types. In the end, I think it’s easier just to leave the dialog up and check or uncheck items as needed…


would something like a pause in between to let him select the curve and then having the whole sausage role up once more to reset it to standard do? i mean that he can do that with one macro.

Thank you for the macro!
I think I’ll keep the dialog up, but use two macros for ON/OFF of curve filter.

That’ll be great if that’s possible.

yes it would i guess, but i still dont know if its possible to connect 2 macros with each other like that. @Helvetosaur is that possible?

Why not just use the built-in functions for selection filter in combination with Ctrl, Shift or Right Click?

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Didn’t know that there was a one time built in.
Thanks for the tip!

Do you know if macro allows for while pressing
control to achieve to assign to a key alias?

This seems to be what I was looking for, and tried and it works.
Is it possible for macro to do

  1. Open SelectionFilter , 2)Hold Ctrl then select Curves checkbox

    This allows for one time selection of the curves. or anything else. as @Mark replied