A Helpful Material Mapping/Application Texture


This texture can temporarily replace one of your seamless textures for applying, mapping materials such as wood, concrete, etc. . It roughly shows the user roughly the scale and orientation that their finished materials will have–just by looking at it. When you are done, the original material may be swapped back.

The 2048x2048 texture can be either resized, or cropped to suit your needs.

I used a version of this to map seamless metal materials on this. This one did not have the bias arrows on it:

Thank you Brenda.

Attached an old classic texture for UV testing I use some times.

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@AlanMattano has published also several textures that can help with texturing in this thread: [UVEditor TIP] UV mapping: Replace your UV Grid Texture


Yes consider: [UVEditor TIP] UV mapping: Replace your UV Grid Texture
Put to the right and bottom edge a white outline into the texture. This will help you to define when you are out of the UV space. Also consider adding circles in each small square.

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