Rendered view vs. Cycles

See this simple file:
Question.3dm (1.3 MB)

The groundplane has a wood material from the library.
In Rendered viewport style, the scale of the wood is ok.

In Cycles, it is totally different, it is cardboard now…

What do we have to do to get roughly the same image with Cycles?

That is indeed a shortcoming of Cycles. I have assumed planar mapping for textures on the groundplane. For now set mapping of the texture to Mapping Channel 1.

I have to add WCS mapping support to the conversion function for the original material to work.


When you know where to click to change the mapping channel, then it is easy.
I only found it by accident.

How should one have the idea to have to click the texture filename?
Is that to make the user feel like an idiot?
And if he is really an idiot, why not help him?

When you move the mouse over the filename, you get a “very explaining” tooltip.
The tooltip repeats the filename - great info.

A button “Edit” or a pencil icon could help.


BTW, what is this?
Not intended, right?

With mapping of the texture I meant you drill into the texture, scroll down until you find the Mapping section. Sorry, I don’t know the German name for it. I don’t have Rhino on the phone, I’ll add a screenshot when I can.

Probably not intended to have that warning message twice, no. Note that I didn’t tell you to add a new UV mapping.

Thank you Nathan.

Scrolling only doesn’t help, you have to click the filename first to come to that section.

Yes, that’s clear to me.

That is what I said: drill into the texture.