Import Revit nodes in python

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is there any way of importing the nodes of Rhino.Inside within my python script? I want to import particulary AddWall.ByCurve and AddFamilyInstance.ByLocation.

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thanks for the link you sent, it is an useful link to understand to use transactions and import the Revit API but i was trying to import the RhinoInside Revit grasshopper nodes, that you see in red in the picture. Is there a way to import them? maybe to copy them into a c# node within the grasshopper script? (
For instance we can see here that the grasshopper nodes are imported( Well I am looking for a similar workflow but for the Revit nodes.
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heres an example of NodeInCode

import ghpythonlib.components as gh
# An example with the Weaver Bird plugin
outputPolygons = gh.WeaverBird.WeaverbirdsFacePolylines(inputMesh)
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I needed to comment the line "gh.PLUGIN_NAMESPACE.COMPONENTNAME()
" cause it throws an error, “module” object hast not attribute “PLUGIN_NAMESPACE”:
Nevertheless I can call the gh.RhinoInside nodes, the problem is that it doesnt generate the walls but it doesnt have any error either, so I dont know anymore what is wrong actually.
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This is way out of my arena.

Doesn’t revit require you to open a transaction?

Hello Rickson,
the transaction is within the definition already in this case within the gh.RhinoInside.AddWallByCurve(),
I tried though to open a transaction and create the wall but it threw an error.

Filed an issue for this