Work on grasshopper definitions without Revit?

Hi, All!
I was just wondering. For my research I’m doing some heavy parametric constructions that “at the end” are translated into Revit objects. But actually the heavy lifting takes part way before it.
It is not dramatic, but sometimes, having to start revit, load the project files, and then rhino and then grasshopper is a little annoying and I’d just like to fire up rhino and GH and start working… but then the Rhino.Inside components show up as blank holes…
I haven’t dared to test if working further in a file would mess it up… would it? Or would I just be able to go on and later open it in Revit?

You can create the GH definition and add Revit components later, then open in a non-revit environment and not lose your work, make changes etc. The placeholders aren’t selectable or going to retain an data flow.

The components reference revit api and need that available to function.

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Thanks @Japhy. I was shamefully lazy for not just trying it and proofing that I would not loose work.