A dictionary of color combinations

I recently stumbled upon a nice color book that is based on the original 6 volume colour dictionary by Haishoku Soukan. The original dates back to 1933. It features lots of exciting colour combinations that work together surprisingly well. It inspired me to make some renderings based on a selection of those color combinations.

Here are a couple more:


wow!! amazing!! Any Chance you’d a link to that book?

if you type the title in a search engine, you’lI get plenty of options, so I’ll not turn this into an ad :slight_smile:


This online version is quite neat:



Hi @libnypacheco welcome to the forum.
Thanks for sharing that link. I checked a few color combinations, but found them to be not very accurate. I think this is because the translation from CMYK to RGB has to be done through color profiles. The little book has all the colors listed as CMYK. When I tried to convert them to RGB, I got much better results doing this in Photoshop, since it takes color profiles into account.

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This is awesome! Defiantly going to grab the book and bookmark the website. Thanks!

just grabbed the book, thanks for sharing!!

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Or you can have endless fun with the Adobe Colo[u]r Wheel: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel

(Other colour wheel tools are available)

Today I learned about ASMR… :thinking:

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Hope you got triggered. Haha even I knew about ASMR after this video.

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Thank you Gijs,
The combinations are subtle, calm and friendly.
Also beautiful renderings.

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