HSL colour chart - Rhino 6 request

Hi, I would found useful if you could add option for HSL colour support instead the current numeric input.


you might try if you have a command ColorPicker, if you have it, run the command and choose Office. This will replace the built in color picker with the one below:

Funny topic, i´m today working on a color picker, using a h+s wheel. :wink:


The color input panel in my copy of Rhino for Windows V5 has both HSV and RGB input enabled.

Edit: HSV, not HSL


not here, i have HSV and RGB inputs. I was asuming @onrender is more after the color picking part from the chart instead of the input fields.

Funny thing with the default Rhino color picker is it allows to enter values for V like 500 @pascal, i guess this is another yet undiscovered color picker buglet :wink:


My mistake, I have HSV and RGB, not HSL.

I am talking about this type of colour chart called HSL

but Pantone, RAL also would be essential for architects or graphic designers.

Yes, Pantone and RAL - and NCS - would be great! I would use those every day (AutoCAD has Pantone and RAL)!


@onrender and @Philip, this is what i had in mind when i started working on a custom color picker, to include custom libraries like Pantone, Hexachrome, RAL, NCS, HKS and more. Problem is, this involves licensing as these are all intellectual property, free use is not allowed.

Onrender, the color sliders shown above should not be a problem :wink:


I see… Yes, that’s a problem…