Surface color

Is there a way to give a surface an exact CMYK or Pantone color?
In the color basic table which is opened - there is only RGB colors…

Hi Rachel - if you know the rgb equivalent, of course, you can set that. But you can also customize the color list -

To define your own color palette, customize the colors_.txt file in the Rhino support folder.

If the colors_.txt file contains more than one color definition, the internal color list is replaced with the colors extracted from this file.

The “;” or “//” characters can be used as comments either at the beginning of a line or after the color definition.




( support folder for the US: "C:\Users\USER_NAMME\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Localization\en-US\Support)


Thank you very much, I will try your advise.
And what if I need Pantone Color, or Gradient color? Is that possible?
Thanks a lot

Hi Rachel - gradient colors are not supported in Colors, but you can make a gradient procedural texture directly in Rhino and use that in a material. Things like Pantone colors you’ll need to convert yourself and add to the Colors file - we do not provide any specific palettes.


Hi Pascal
OK. Thank you soo much !!
For the moment I have tried with no success to find the support file…
May be the really simplest way is as you suggested to customize the equivalent RGB.

Hi Rachel - you can get there in Windows Explorer by typing %AppData% in the address bar and Enter - that should get you to

C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming (Your username in there of course)

from there you’ll see McNeel, then Rhinoceros, etc.

any luck?


YEHHHH. :blush: Succeeded to find the support file, but I don’t really understand what to do there… :disappointed_relieved:

So, you open the file in a text editor like NotePad, then add or modify the entries in the format

ColorName r,g,b

for example:

Pantone1485  255,183,119

Save the text file, reopen Rhino and these should appear in the colors list.


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Hi Pascal

WOW !! what a good website for converting the colors…
I have tried everything.


I really appreciate the help that you always give in this forum,
It is not obvious to always get so fast and professional advise for any question which arise.
It gives a feeling of a “Rhino Family” :blush:

THank you soooo much for today and for always