A Couple drafting questions

Linetypes. I’ve set a couple lines/curves to the centerline linetype. They do not display as such in Model or Paperspace/layout. When I print, it kind of looks like they printed with the linetype, but it hard to tell. Can a linetype be scaled like it can in AutoCAD?

In Paperspace viewport outlines are visible, but those don’t print. I have options to print background colors and other elements, but not viewport outlines. Is there somewhere to select that?

Options > Linetypes has a scale setting.

Select the detail and change this Property:

Thanks. Should the line type be visible in Model and Paperspace as I’m not seeing them.

Normally it is setup to look right in one or the other.
If you’re going to print from a Layout, they layout scaling is used.

I think this tutorial covers all of this quite well:

Thanks. I’ve actually been through all those a while back. I’m just not retaining the info. Rhino is not my main software and I revert to AC for all my drafting. I look forward to Rhino adding the equivalent of AC’s Wipeout and a field for paperspace/title block that updates/displays Viewport scale. I’ll need these to abandon AC. Till then, I’ll bookmark the link and keep it close.