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Sorry if the subject is that chair again. I’m having a hard time adjusting this part.

How do I make the chair seat more comfortable? I can’t do this part, I use Rhino 6 on Windows 7.

I would like to make the seat more similar to the original.

Thank you very much in advance

_Chair.3dm (12.5 MB)

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Try the cageedit command. Select the bounding-box option, and then try a z point count of something like 6. Then you can move the bottom row up until you like the result.


Most chairs just aren’t comfortable. The key to making a chair more comfortable, I think has something to do with adding organic geometry that will conform to the users body – most chairs just have a bad shape and don’t even come close to trying to conform etc.

The idea I think would be to reduce pressure-points and add surface area contact etc. The addition of ‘foam’ and other soft compounds should consider these organic geometry conformations as well.

Meanwhile a well shape chair with no foam or padding indeed has the ability of still being more comfortable than most chairs that do have padding but aren’t shaped right etc.

I would need to find the other thread, and zero in on what the ‘original shape’ is.

It all depends on design intent.

here’s a revision I did as per:

chair_emod_v2.3dm (7.5 MB)
I think it fits closer to the original in some important areas. However there is some deviation in others, and with the new changes to the bottom, there’s some new deviation as well.

So, without further rules, I’m still just guessing.

green is original, orange is a revision.

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Hello, thanks.

How do I make the model below with just the seat and back more comfortable? just like in the review you did.


_Chair.3dm (1.1 MB)

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Hello - I would start with three, or four, compatible, simple curve and loft them, then adjust the surface points directly to fine tune the shape - perhaps inserting knots (Symmetrical=Yes) to add a few more control points if needed say to soften the edges at the ‘arms’ of the chair.

Then slice it up to get the strips, don’t start from the strips.



I guess that would have to be defined. And might be a different shape for different people. But I’m sure there is a general shape that could be somewhat universal for most people.

Your chair already looks pretty comfy. I’m curious to sit in one :blush:

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Hello, I managed to achieve the desired result.

Another question arose, how do I insert some dowels to align the pieces, since it will be cut on the cnc router and turning the sheet is a bit complicated? 2 or 3 locations are enough to have alignment.


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What size ‘dowels’? and where? perpendicular to the slices?

The dowel locations may have to change positions depending on the mating slices imo.

On the outward slices, maybe the lower end will be best but on the inward slices towards the midline, you’d maybe want some near the upper middle area.

The bottom might work for all slices since it’s probably flat and all flush.

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8mm dowels, perpendicular to the slices and the random location, I think at the bottom because it is level, would just be to facilitate assembly.

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