A Clayoo Panel opens every time I start Clayoo "Edit Mode"

Hello all!

i’m having an issue or maybe it’s a bug, I set up a custom toolbar layout for Clayoo on my Rhino installation, I don’t know if this is a bug or something expected, but everytime i activate the Clayoo edit mode or run any Clayoo command, a windows pops out that doesn’t have any info or setting, it’s very annoying, specially because i go back and fwrd between edit mode and no edit mode, and have to be closing that window every time.

I’m adding my custom layout.rui and a screenshoot of the window.

best regards!

Dani Ch. Custom Layout.rui (8.5 MB)

Hi @daniel.chavarria,

That could be the panel for the user interface of Clayoo. It is used to display the parameters of all the commands but in your case the “edit” command doesn’t have user interface so it displays nothing. We usually put that panel with all the others at the right instead of closing it(near to the properties, layers panels). If you put it there it won’t bother you.


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Oh i see now.

My bad then, I didn’t know that was for something, most of the commands i use doesn’t show anything there.
maybe it would be better to show that panel only for the commands that use it (in case i close the panel manually)

Thanks for the quick response!