A bug in my PC configuration

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you would be able to help me find a potential problem with my PC configuration. I have invested in i7 8700K and RTX 2070 and yet my results in Holomark are deeply disappointing, boost is very small compared to my original config (i5 6600 and GTX 960), in some tests it got even worse.

What could be the problem? Could the PSU limit the performance? Or the cheap motherboard? Overheating?

Link: https://www.czc.cz/88ho8hlctagd4bgajrp5sm1ig2/seznam

Thanks for any ideas you come up with.


Ensure you have set up your system so that th RTX is used as primary display adapter and not the built-in Intel HD 630.

Well, Intel gfx is disabled in bios and the screen is plugged in the geforce card so I can rule this out. Also the performance is not that horrific.

Well, I’d expect it to be better than your GTX 960. I assume you are running the newest driver available for the GPU?

You probably can also still tweak performance settings for the GPU in its control panel.

It’s indeed strange. Did you test with Rhino 6?

I have a very similary system, and got a pretty decent score in Rhino 6, but I think the tests were also changed a bit recently.

Also: holomark depends a lot on which quality settings you have configured (AA Levels). Can this be it?

Hi arendvw,
Can we try to make a comparison? I have tested in Rhino 5.

I’m attaching results from before and after.

Here is mine in Rhino 6, I’m not sure at all if you’re allowed to compare it to Rhino 5.

With rhino 5:

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Wow, thanks! That means everything is just fine, it’s just my fault that I’m getting used to working with models that are too demanding! :slight_smile: