A 3D eagle


On a freelancing website, a person requested the shape of a 3D eagle in a competition. I don’t know, did he mean a fantastic eagle or a real one. However, I created this eagle’s shape, hoping to win! I sent the picture just a few minutes ago, and I have not received the employer’s viewpoint yet.
I designed it with subD but didn’t convert it into NURBS.

Is it possible I give that a feather material?


The organizer of the contest sent me a message:

My friend! It is not what I expected. It is an ordinary bird that is more similar to a pigeon instead an eagle!

I don’t want a 3D eagle, but I am looking for an innovative and fantastic idea that the eagle is a part of the project. A thing similar to such an idea, but not this one.

I inevitably began working on a new project. I deleted the bird’s body and changed the head into the shape of an eagle’s head, and eventually created this mythical being. Now I am thinking about how I apply the appropriate material to the entity.