90 day free trial

I downloaded the free 90 day trial version on Oct 4 and when I try to open up rhino today it says it is expired. I should have at least 70 day’s of trial. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn’t work. How can I get this fix?


I have a client who just needs to view my files. Is Rhino now a 90 day trial instead of the old 25 save limitation?

If my client keeps the 90 days, will she be able to update the trial?

Thanks «Randy

Yes, the 25-save eval was replaced by the 90-day eval some time ago.
In either case, after it expires, it loses the ability to Save/Export and to load extra plug-ins. It will run indefinitely as a viewer.
It should also automatically download service releases as they become available and will stay current.
That said, SR12 will probably be the last build of Rhino V5 for Windows.

Thanks @John_Brock I was just finishing a Skype with my client in New Zealand and I gave her your info. She is happy and hopefully will buy a copy someday!

Cool. Glad I could help.
The only other viewer tool we have is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad called iRhino3D.
I’m assuming you and she know about that?

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You might want to try Iris.