25 saves evaluation version gone?

Hi all,
What happened to the 25 saves evaluation version? The download page just listing the 90 days timed version.

thanks, Tobias

Hi Tobias- yep, that is the new way. It works out better for most users, and much better if they need a temporary Rhino for a class or something, that takes place over a period of weeks.


I would be interested to know if just having the 90 day eval is a problem and if so why.

I haven’t heard any complaining about it since I don’t talk to the product specialists or whoever else has to look at designs before they’re approved, but I know they liked having the 25-saves version since there’s no dedicated Rhino viewer available. Those guys never have to save anything in Rhino since that’s my job, but I’m pretty sure they were using it to look at models.

The 90 day eval will continue to run after 90 days with the limitation that you can’t save after the expiration period. This should also work for people just using Rhino as a viewer.

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Can the 90 day eval load third party plug-ins after 90 days?

Hi Steve,
Now I see. I was in need for a viewer for a client and if its simply continuing to work after the 90 days except for saving it’s all I need.

Question: will an expired evaluation version of Bongo run in an expired evaluation version of Rhino? Just as a viewer?

thanks, Tobias

@tobias I think you should check out this here:


The 90 day evaluation is a huge improvement over the 25 saves for education purposes.
That´s my experience when teaching Rhino.

Regards to all

I tested it out now and it has potential. Simple view animations and part animations too, but I didn’t test that out.

Here is the mini exported:

The display engine is fast. Seems a bout the same fps as Rhino on pure mesh.

I don’t believe so. We added a provision to the code at some point which would let third party plug-ins load if they had a certain digital signature, but I don’t beleve the feature was ever implemented by anyone outside of McNeel (or I could be not remembering things correctly.)

Hi Steve, it is a problem if one is also in need of a “Grasshopper Viewer” :wink:

My time limited trial version on my home laptop just expired. If I do not have my work laptop handy I often use this laptop when replying to the Grasshopper forum at night etc. It would be great if we could either still load Grasshopper or alternatively download the 25 save limit trial version instead of the 90 day one.

I realize that this might encourage potential ninja tricks for saving with Grasshopper, but do you think either of those options could be considered?



Grasshopper will be included in the next version of Rhino which should help eliminate this issue. I don’t think we are going to make any changes to V5 for this.

Ah yes, I forgot about that. Looking forward to it. Thanks Steve…

Could you add the python script component to the V5 version? Or is it implemented in the latest build?

GhPython will be included in V6 along with Grasshopper. I don’t have any plans on including this in this V5 version of GH, but that is entirely up to David.

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We have a floating laptop that we use to check models in the mockup room. It seems like when the evaluation period is ended we can’t open STEP files anymore?

@brian can probably help with this.

Hi Marc,

Sorry about that. There was a bug in Rhino that cropped up a couple days ago related to an expired digital signature on some files. To get back to your previous expired evaluation state, please download the latest evaluation from http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5/latest

Great, thanks Brian!