50-concurrent user licenses usable by more teams?


can a 50-concurrent user license be used by more teams, e.g. team_1 has access to 20 users, team_2 to 25, and team_3 to 5?



I’ve got this answer from McNeel Barcelona: “As it is only one license key number, there is no possibility of having it in different teams, as you can’t separate it.”

That sounds like technical/engineer answer about the nature of a license: a 50 pack is a single license 50 pack.

There’s zero discount for buying the 50 pack (at least in the USD prices, 995*50=49750 which is what they sell the 50 pack for).

So, the bundle exists to be a licensing convenience for the purchaser (avoid typing in 50 license keys and keeping track of them, then upgrading them individually, etc.) not as a bulk discount unless you had something special going with them or a reseller.

With that in mind, I’d contact sales@mcneel.com to ask if they can restructure your license into smaller pieces (cancel it and then give you 5 packs of 10 or something).