5 clicks to change layer name?

Personally, I like the way Rhino 7 behaves in this regard. Extremely well done and predictable. However, it’s very confusing that Rhino 8 sometimes requires 3 clicks instead of 2.

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I sometimes count 5 at average click speed. :joy: :melting_face:

The doubleclick event while editing the name should end in the textbox and not go through it.
That’s my only complaint.
Because it’s a bug.

Many thanks
I had not noticed this behavior
This solves this issue for me
I just need to “practice” this delay, or use F2
Still, while editing, a double click to select part of the name separated by non-alphabetic chars would be great, instead of making the layer current.


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Please show what you mean, here a double click in a text box that is being edited will select the whole layer name, or word, if there are spaces.


In SR3 RC it works as expected.
So forget that.

In a text box it works like a normal text editor, it works ok.

When editing layer names, once you are in edit mode with the text cursor, you double click to highlight a word, it sets Layer to Current.

Edit: Oh it works in latest? Are we talking about the same thing?

No, that is healed in SR3 RC.

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Hi Gijs

Small vid to enplane
Hop clear enough

Just adding, renaming anything should work this way, views, snapshots, display modes, blocks …
As all those elements have structured names

Best Regards

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