5 clicks to change layer name?

Then count me in the minority too. It would be more than just nice to turn the behavior on and off.

on mac it was there all the time. McNeel guys are tearing up every single bit Mac users got acquainted with, which is getting very bothersome recently and i am beginning to get a guilty concience just by bringing up such topics because the response is mostly zero anyway. the take or leave kind of thing which i can not understand. or they are just too busy messing up the UI even more… i hate myself for not being able to add anything positive here currently but well so is the truth.

Well, I know that Mac Rhino users are having to make a lot of concessions to be more Windows Rhino compatible in V8. Maybe this could be one place where Windows Rhino users could make a concession to Mac Rhino users. I wouldn’t be unhappy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i almost liked your comment, but my only concession left is that nobody cares about it. if not 300 user show up here till the developers get annoyed enough to change it. most people are too busy for complaining and just suck it up.


Renaming / changing layer (and random layer changes) are a giant PITA in Rhino 8 for Mac.

Rhino 8: worst UI ever on a Mac.

Why not just copy Adobe Illustrator’s great layer management interface?

that would make Rhino simply too good to be true.

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+1 for double click to rename a layer, not for making active.
For what it’s worth.

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Thanks, I think it’s possible to make this work as everyone is accustomed to from Rhino 7 by having a setting that has different defaults on Windows and Mac:

Logged as RH-78964 Double-click to rename layer

But again I don’t mind F2 to rename,
BUT within the renaming process DoubleClick SHOULD NOT set current
Could you request that double click within editing mode to select all the text, or partial text is separated by special chars “;” “_” “-” … does NOT set current ?

Kind of you

Just mentioning here that keyboard shortcuts could be context-sensitive, too. Roll over the layer panel, and F2 or whatever renames. Press F2 over a viewport, and it does something else (display mode or camera stuff etc ).

Old Softimage XSI had this. Very handy.

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I don’t understand why slow double-click to rename layer is so problematic, works fine for me. I like double-click to set current.
my 2c.


i saw @dale commenting in the tracker

Standard behavior on macOS (Finder) and Windows (Explorer) to rename a file is to: click the file (to select) and then click again (to rename). This is also how the Layers panel behaves.

I disagree with making the platforms work differently, btw. No doubt this will cause confusion.

while in the MacOs Finder it is solved a bit dumb indeed, double click on the icon opens the file/folder, double click on the name does the same, making this a lost option, ANYWAY at least one has the option to click the file/folder once and HIT ENTER immediately after that to rename which speeds up the process a lot if you have a bunch to rename. maybe that could be an option either?

anything where you have to wait to proceed is not a good option, that is not only time consuming in the long rung having to wait over and over again but also nerve wrecking when you want to get things done fast. i dont see why this would be a logic solution for anybody.

edit: ok just found out that this actually already works on mac Rhino V8! :face_with_peeking_eye: AND V7… ok i was not aware, but simply because double click was just sufficient enough.

+1 for me,
Double click should change name.
My workflow is to keep Default as permanent working layer so, on my side, I don’t even need the option to choose what’s the current layer.
(Win version)

Happy mac user
Not on windows…

well not that happy yet, due to reconstruction to align both UI we mac users are suffering from withdrawal symptoms in several instances. a further example is that the preview of viewport colors were possible instantly without having to apply. after complaining we got that back at least partially, i believe that should also have found its way into Rhino for Windows?

the good thing was that Rhino for Mac was a separate animal and thankfully treated as such and opened a playground to experiment a bit more aside of the Windows version, the biggest problem is that many of these good things got reworked in favour of the UI alignment, so we (the users) are still fighting here to regain those lost limbs.

I don’t exactly understand what you mean by “preview of viewport”

You mean print preview in layout ?
Colors are not displayed in the detail view if you use a black and white display mode like “monochrome” and so on, unless “print preview” is active.

For all other purposes, not color bug :slight_smile:

But renaming is still a nightmare

After internal discussion, we’ve decided this won’t be changed for Rhino 8.

Single-click and Double-click actually could be used to rename a layer. However, it does that in two different ways:

a) If renaming a layer which is not marked by the mouse, the 2nd click of the double-click must be executed with a slight delay. This way, the first click only marks the layer, while the second click activates the layer rename function.

b) If renaming a layer which is already marked by the mouse, a single-click will activate the layer rename function.

Either way, to bring back the original name of the layer, simply press the Esc key instead of Enter. That will override the new name while the renaming is still active.

P.S.: The operations mentioned above work much better in Rhino 7 than in Rhino 8. Rhino 8 sometimes requires tripple-click.

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conceptually I agree with @ShynnSup having the box to set the current level right next to the name it might seem redundant to combine the same action with the double click. However, I would like to point out another way to rename a layer, if instead of double clicking on the name of the layer, you make two clicks but a few tenths of a second after the first click, the layer goes into rename mode.

as I stated :+1:

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Yeah I am aware of that too, as stated here:

The intention behind this discussion was not necessarily to permanently alter Rhino’s long-standing approach to handling layer renaming. Instead, the primary goal was to encourage someone to engage a developer in refining the user experience of the Layers Panel.

As noted here by Bobi too, Layers Panel in Rhino 8 exhibits inconsistent behavior.

I felt that investigating this issue presented an opportunity to not only address the current concern but also to reconsider and potentially reshape some strategies for improvement.

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