5.4 - Great job!

@dan and all -
I think this maybe got overshadowed by the release of 6.0 for Windows, but -

Wow, GH available in a production version of Mac Rhino and it’s GH1.0 (same as Windows V6) to boot!

Plus all the other stuff notably -

Very cool, thanks! --Mitch

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Sorry Mitch, that is not true. GH for Mac 5 does not have all of the new components and multi threading capabilities that GH1 has. We will be working on including this functionality in the Mac V6 WIP.

OK, well it does say 1.0 0004 on the splash, just like Windows GH…

True that!

Yes, I concur with Mitch on the 5.4 release. Great job!

Thanks to everyone at Mcneel on their hard work.
Looking forward to the Mac 6.0 release!

Dilly Dilly!

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Whoops. Looks like another bug…we should probably fix that until it’s on par with GH 1.0 in Windows (RH-44274).

Regardless, thanks for the kind words Mitch! We’re focusing our attention on Rhino 6 for Mac now. I’ve been meaning to write up a little status report as the RhinoWIP for Rhino 5 for Mac process is at an end. I’ll try to get to that soon…the RhinoWIP in the field may start whining soon.

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