Displaying Meshes in Human UI

Hey everyone, I’m trying to display a mesh in a 3d view inside Human UI.

My question is: can Human UI display the mesh with its divisions (the panelized geometry)? (even maybe with some workaround or anything)

The 3d view I created only shows a colored surface without any divisions like the following:
mesh without divisions

I want it to appear with its original divisions like this:
mesh divisions

So any ideas on what can I do to make that work?

Thank you in advance!

Nope, there’s no way to do this. The Human UI 3d view is not intended as a replacement for the Rhino 3d view.

ok so can I for example pipe the face boundaries of the mesh and display them in the same 3d view with a different color than the mesh surface itself? if yes, then how can I do this?

Yeah, that would work. Maybe try “mesh pipe” from mesh tools. The 3d view should let you supply multiple meshes.

I tried what you said but it didn’t work as you see:
the mesh surface itself didn’t appear!

This is the script:

Can you please tell me what can I change to make that work?
Thank you in advance!

@andheum I tried many things, but still the same problem… perhaps you have any advice?
Here is the last script I used