HELP: model.3dm is not a Rhino file

Hi I’m hoping someone can help,

I’ve been working on a rhino file and my harddrive ran out of space so it would not autosave (even save or duplicate) so I chose the option to ‘revert changes’ as it had autosaved 15 minutes earlier.

I restarted my computer after deleting some files to free up space - and now I cannot open the file.

The message: model.3dm is not a Rhino file.

I have located my backup version from yesterday within document revisions but that will not open either.

I have also tried revert to function but timeline is showing no previous versions of the file.

Please help this file is for work and is around 5 days work and very important.

Does anyone have any ideas why the backup or original will not open?

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This message appears on the original file - followed by several others.

/Users/Ashley/Documents/36_Venice House_Pierre/house model Pierre (original).3dm has an unreadable render material. Do you want to continue reading render materials from this file?

  • To read as much information as possible, click Yes.
  • To return to Rhino, click No.
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File size for both files is: 140.5MB and 93.2MB

Can’t begin to guess without a file.
My guess is someone just renamed a file to have a 3DM file extension.
That’s won’t ever work.
If you want us to have a look, use this link:
And include this URL in the comments:
HELP: model.3dm is not a Rhino file

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Sounds like the file got corrupted actually. Seems like we’ve heard a few of these tales from on the Mac side of things…

Not a good thing to do. As soon as you quit without changes Rhino assumes that you are OK with that and deletes the autosave file… If you run out of disc space - something you really shouldn’t let happen - my first instinct would be to save the file as a copy on an external rrive like a USB stick before quitting. Relying on Mac (or Windows) to back you up at all times is a risky thing.


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Hi Both,

Thanks very much for your response - I think somehow it has been corrupted also.

I have just uploaded the files online now.

Fingers crossed this isn’t the case.