3D voronoi with Cell Radius?

I am trying to split an object that is created using a collection of mesh spheres into multiple sections without a ton of fragmented pieces.

This is what I would like to achieve.
Instead of a boolean difference or intersection where the spheres overlap, I would like to use a flat plane that cuts between the creases of the objects. I was intending to use a 3d voronoi pattern with a radius value that is equal to the radius of my spheres to generate flat surfaces that I could use to split the meshes, however unlike the 2d voronoi the 3d voronoi component does not include that parameter.

I was wondering if anyone had a 3d voronoi method that could include a radius value or another strategy for cutting these mesh spheres?

Oh that is way simpler than I anticipated. thank you!

Hi, this is very helpful, could you show me how we can add several sizes of the spheres in that condition. Thanks alot.