Grasshopper | Generate subdivided Voronoi cells on a Voronoi cell

Hey there, I have a problem with how to make Voronoi cells on a polygon.

Basically what I want to do is to make one box with Voronoi. Part of the box would be divided into very big
voronoi cells and rest of the box should be a subdivision of the big cells (smaller cells), so the face between these two parts would be the Voronoi cells surface from the bigger part.

Like the gray part, right now there are 3 cells, I would like them to be 10 smaller cells, but the shape (not the bounding box outline) of the three cells would be kept.

First, i tried something which does not work as I want.

Manually, I try to use a use different box to have cells them boolean split them in rhino. But I would have several wired pieces, which is not like a voronoi cell. Steps I did are 1,2,3; the forth is the original look, after boolean split it become a multipolygon.

Is there any way I can subdivide several big cells into smaller one but keep the other big? Any suggestions/solution would be greatly appreciated!

Something like this? (13.9 KB)


Thank you very much!! It is exactly what I was trying to do. Really helpful!

Hi Kim,
I noticed that the way you made this is the solid intersection with each original cell. It’s already much better than I got however the outside surface was not divided as voronoi pattern. (the edges art not continuous)

If there is any another way to solve?

Ofc it is. Change the seed for the second voronoi if you don’t like it.