3d Voronoi inside Spiral

Dear Members…

to finish my architectural project, I need to fit the voronoi cells inside the spiral pipes.

In other words, How can I replace the box component with the Spiral Pipes? (each pipe having a 3d structure inside.)

Thank you so much in advance.

Voronoi Help.gh (9.9 KB)
Voronoi.3dm (638.9 KB)

just put a Brep component instead of a Box component

Thank you for the quick help Baris.
I have tried that … but never creates regular voronoi cells within the pipe. this is what i get:

this is the type of environment I am trying to create in the spiral tower using Voronoi Cells.

I thinkto archieve this with your Geometry will be a little bit difficult as it is twisted, it will probably fail everytime there to create a closed mesh

I just tried the definition you posted and it worked on the pipes!
however, I draws only 2D Voronoi. I need 3D (interior cells) not only on the surface of the pipe. (I dont want it to be hollow)

Is that achievable?
Is there anyway to turn the pipes into a solid region? (it is capped but still considered a polysurface.)

Voronoi.3dm (959.8 KB)

I tried it with your Geometry but it failed, I think you have to get rid of the twist:

I try to reduce the twist. Thank you sooo much for your time and effort.