3D print of 3D voronoi with cells, cant join different pipes

I’m trying to create a 3d voronoi inside a certain geometry, I want to create a frame of tubes with a certain thickness, but with grasshopper it creates all seperate closed polysurfaces. I cant boolean union it, but i want to make it 1 object instead off 2000 polysurfaces so I can 3d print it.

I also want some cells still in it and a frame around it (like in the screenshot). I baked the pipes for the tubes and the solid intesection for the different cells, the frame around the geometry is 1 polysurface i made manually. All of this should be 1 object to 3d print, but right now i can’t boolean union all of this.

Do you guys know how to clean this up? Or how i can make a 3d print mesh out of this?

i’ll put my GH file and my geometry to start with in this post, toghether with a picture of what i want to 3d print.

thank you!!

Doel.PNGgeometry.3dm (354.5 KB)
Voronoi.gh (6.6 KB)

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